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About Stamina
Stamina 2.5
 Tutors (Rivals!)


  • Support for several layouts and languages
  • Lessons designed for mastering certain keys
  • Work with real text to achieve unreal speeds
  • Choice of entering text from an external file
  • Lesson editor
  • Precision clock with fine tuning, → precise results
  • Timer... simply a timer
  • Graph of speed changes during a session
  • Progress graphs by days and sessions
  • Statistics: how much has been keyed in (in Kb) and how long it took
  • Illumination of letters and finger work zones on the virtual keyboard
  • Super MP3 sounds and duper songs + a Playlist
  • Support for several users
  • User-friendly thought out interface
  • Customizable appearance
  • Detailed help with a logic game

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